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This list is a tentative topic for HCI Research group. Any idea that related with HCI especialy with Human-Oriented Software Application can be discussed further through email below:

Pedagogy Kode Topic
Core HCI CH01 Real time sign language for Indonesian Language
CH02 Static Indonesian Sign Language Recognition System
Gesture Interaction GI01 Multiple hands Recognation with Kinect Technology
GI02 Visual hand recognation in multi touch device
Voice Manipulation VM01 Learning from SIRI, a prototype to create voice Recognation in Bahasa Indonesia
VM02 Building Voice Command Interaction in a Embedded Devices
Game GD01 Designing and Building Prototype 3D Edu Games
GD02 Edu games for children in Mobile and Tablet Platform
GD03 Augmented Reality for Contextual Information and Ads
Applied HCI AH01 Sign on Face Recognation System and Alogorithm development
AH02 E-library user experience, designing and building a E-library model for the next generation library
AH03 Document Management on a groupware, how to create tag cloud taxonomy model based on user generated content
AH04 Learning process user experience for kindergarteen and elementary school, a tablet approach application development
AH05 Designing mobile application using Contextual POI method on a mobile application

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